A Brief History of Surgical Technology

Surgical technologists arent too referred to as other health care professionals for example nurses and doctors, yet they take part in the important role of aiding surgeons throughout surgical treatments.

Surgical technologies are a current profession that resulted from the requirement for trained medical personnel following the succession of wars that affected the planet within the last century seriously decimated their amounts. Many doctors and nurses were known as for everyone throughout theses wars for attending medical needs from the soldiers around the battlefront, and individuals wounded and limited in medical camps and hospitals too.

Surgical technology rose in the ashes from the succession of world wars took part in through the U . s . States: The First World War (1914-1918), The Second World War (1939-1945), the Korean War (1950-1953), and also the Vietnam War (1945-1975).

Throughout The First World War, Military medics were conscripted and educated to give emergency services. Nurses werent permitted for everyone around the battleground but were limited to medical stations. The Military medics counterpart within the Navy was the medical corpsman since women werent permitted aboard combat ships in those days.

Thus the function of operating room specialists, or ORTs, was thus produced. ORTs required the area of female nurses within the battleground. They received training with an faster nursing program that stressed on operating room technology and received on-the-job learning the surgery department. Their studies incorporated sterilization of instruments, proper care of operating room patients, suturing, draping and instrumentation. They likewise received Er training.


Following the Korean War, the lack of nurses to operate in operating rooms within the U . s . States brought towards the employing of ex-medics and ex-corpsmen to operate in civilian hospitals. These ex-military males carried out. With time, this arrangement brought towards the evolution from the title of operating room technician to surgical technologist.

Enhancements in surgical technology that began within the late 60s brought towards the formalization from the role of surgical technologists within the 70s. Increasingly more institutions started creating and developing surgical technology programs. In 1968, the Association of Operating Room Specialists was produced. It was made up of two committees: the Joint Committee on Education, and also the Liaison Council on Certification for that Surgical Technologist.

Effective examinees towards the first certification test which was succumbed 1970 were presented the title of Licensed Operating Room Specialist (CORT or OR Tech). In 1973, the Association of Operating Room Specialists transformed their title towards the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST), now a completely independent body. They transformed the title Licensed Operating Room Specialist to Surgical Technologist, thus developing a new title. Since 1973, the AST continues to be faithfully trying to promote excellence within the surgical technology profession.

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