2 Best RC Boats

At times you may not be really stable, or can’t afford your dream yacht, or simply too young to afford one. This should however not stop you from getting into that water is some style.

With a remote controlled boat, your ‘dream’ can actually be achieved in some way. Having a remote controlled boat will give you total fun. You can easily find yourself in thrilling, breakneck races as easily as you might cruise around the pond, all this depending on the type of RC boat that you like. Here are 2 best rc boats on the market right now.


Pro Boat Impulse 31 Deep-V

Do you want a RC boat that looks badass and performs extremely well? The Pro Boat Impulse 31 Deep-V RTR V2 is the one for you.

The Pro Boat brand is known all over the world for everything. It doesn’t matter if you want a scale sailboat or a fully licensed powerboat. You will get one, their lineup of boats is really impressive.

The Impulse 31 Deep-V has outstanding qualities from its tip all the way to the tail. The boat hits up to 50 mph when it’s out of the box. In addition, it remains in the water without taking off or crashing.

The boat has a race-engineered hull as well as competition ready running gear. With its black and red design, the boat looks like a million bucks.

In it, it has a dynamite marine electronic system that has been made to withstand any impact as well as the rigors of the water that may come with its high speed.

The boat has a water cooled dynamite marine 80-amp ESC and a brushless motor of 1800Kv. The boat is mostly made up of fiberglass so that it can take everything that the wild ‘seas’, lakes or ponds throw at it.

The Impulse 31 Deep-V is competition ready right out of the box and you simply can’t find another boat that gives as much value for the money as this one. Its price is at $430.


  • It’s virtually unbreakable.
  • It looks amazing.
  • It can hit speeds of 50+ mph.
  • It has the SpektrumTM 2.4G DX2E marine radio and MR200 receiver.


  • It needs many batteries.
  • It’s expensive.
  • Batteries and chargers are not included.


Aquacraft Motley CrewFE Catamaran

This boat hits really high speeds that will impress anyone who loves speed on water. It can hit speeds of up to 75mph.

The Aquacraft Motley Crew FE Catamaran has a water-cooled 6-pole 1800kV brushless motor that comes with a 60A ESC w/4 mm bullet connectors and Deans Ultra Plugs. In addition, it uses Tactic 2.4GHz radio technology for interference-free control.

Yes, it is really fast, but is super easy to control so that even sports modelers can enjoy it. The boat is made out of durable fiberglass from hull to tail.

The rudder and strut are designed from aluminum that is machined. This gives you consistency in its performances as well as durability. It looks great and comes black anodized. The boats paint job is also great but can be rectified by the user. Its price is $450.


  • It’s easy to control.
  • Made out of fiberglass.
  • 6-pole motor
  • Speeds of up to 75mph.


  • No reverse.
  • Batteries not included.
  • Paint job is not the best.
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